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法式海鮮專家 M&C 提供 MSC, ASC 及 Friend of the Sea 認證的海鮮。批發及零售皆可。

Pacific Rich Resources

The Hanselman have been in the fish business since 1908. The business, set up by my great uncle and my great grandfather, did pass down through the generations. I, however, decided to try some other opportunities, in Asia and so never went directly into the business. But in 2000, having worked for the Hong Kong Government and then an NGO, with an increasing awareness of overfishing in our oceans, I decided to attempt to educate people of the benefits of purchasing seafood from ‘responsibly sourced’ suppliers and supplying them with these items in Asia.

Food Origin

Founded by a French  young woman entrepreneur, the adventure started from people sharing a passion for food and gastronomy, and the desire to provide a sustainable offer on which people would be able to rely. Trust and responsibility are our core values.

Our aim is to provide a qualitative, healthy and sustainable offer for all our different type of products. We strive to propose as much as flexibility as possible for your orders, to be able to fulfill any custom request.